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I understand the risks involved in any exercise program: Abnormal blood pressure, fainting, irregular-fast-slow heart rhythm, musculoskeletal injuries, and, in rare instances, heart attack, stroke, or death.

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5 Weeks to 5k Running Clinic

Finally learn to ENJOY running!  

What you'll get:

  • 5 Weekly Running Form Video Lessons
  • Training Schedules ranging from 5k to Full Marathon
  • The tips and tricks to run effectively, efficiently, and injury free!
  • Core Exercises and Stretches
  • Injury Prevention (Prehab) and Injury Recovery Techniques

Embark on your journey to ENJOY running!  This running clinic teaches you the skills, form, posture, and technique to run efficiently and injury free.  Follow along with Abby through 5 lessons as you build a strong, effective running foundation.

Here's a quick outline of what each week's lesson will bring.

Week 1: Posture, Form, & Lean

Week 2: Feet, Knees, Hips

Week 3: Upper Body & Cadence

Week 4: HILLS!

Week 5: Running Tips and Tricks

Get access to the clinic for a full year from date of purchase!