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About the TBP

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What is the Trainer In Your Back Pocket® Program?

Trainer In Your Back Pocket® is an online group training program designed to help you feel better in your skin.  Imagine feeling stronger, lighter, less weighed down by the demands of a busy life. Imagine waking up feeling a zest for the day, and going to bed feeling grateful for your health.  

There is no trick to having great health, but there is a puzzle just waiting to be designed and put together by you. The TBP helps you put your health puzzle pieces in place. We make exercise accessible to even the busiest mom, boss, or neighbor on the block.  We strive to make clean eating a habit, which allows you to rebuild a brand new body on the cellular level. And nothing helps us create the life we dream of, more than getting our mind right. So, we work on the piece of the puzzle that you can’t see..., our mindset.  (Why can’t you stick to your goals? Why can’t you make time to exercise? Why are the excuses winning?) The pieces of fitness, nutrition, and mindset are the tools that we work on each month to fit into your wellness puzzle to overcome the excuses.

You’ll never be alone when you’re part of the TBP community.  We look out for each other, and help each other when we stumble and fall… and trust me, we all stumble and fall, myself included.  Are you ready to Be Well through eating well, moving well, and thinking well? I know you are. Let the TBP and our tribe be your guide.


Who is Abby, the  Trainer In Your Back Pocket®?

I was born and raised in Meriden, CT., and have always had a passion for fitness and wellness.  I've always wanted to help as many people as possible in their search for great health, as well as discover my own potential. When I was 12 years old, I'd furiously watch the fitness equipment infomercials on TV and beg my parents to buy them.  (They rarely gave in.)  I even petitioned my local YMCA to allow me to use the gym at the age of 14, without a parent present , since rules are meant to be broken, of course!   Luckily, I  did not give up and have since made helping others improve their fitness, wellness, and nutrition my lifelong mission. That led me to attend The George Washington University in Washington, DC where I obtained both my Bachelors (2005) and Masters degrees (2007) in the field of Exercise Science.   

While living in DC, I created numerous exercise and wellness programs, including a large scale community marathon training program. This marathon program began with a mere 10 participants, and grew to over 100 participants in just four years. My professional research is in the area of running form, technique, posture, and injury prevention for distance runners, doing the first University study of the running technique, ChiRunning.   And surprising to most, is that I used to hate running!  My dedication to my runners and clients clearly shows my passion to work WITH others.  I care first and foremost about their success in health.   I have also created health promotion programs, worked with national marathon training programs, and am a successful group fitness instructor, wellness mentor, and private personal trainer.

Abby's Current and Prior Certifications: 
Applied Clinical Nutritionist, ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, IDEA Member, AFAA Kickboxing Instructor, Turbokick instructor, AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor, American Red Cross CPR, AED, First Aid,

Abby's presentations: 
Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS, July 2014
Topic: How to Exercise Safely Outdoors During The Summer
The Exchange Club of Columbus, Columbus, MS. January 2013
Topic: Creating an Exercise Routine for the New Year.
Girls Incorporated National, Indianapolis, IN, December 2008
Topic: Creating a National Mind + Body Initiative for Girls Inc. 
Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo, College Park, MD, February 2007 
Topic: Aqua Kickboxing 
Mid-Atlantic Regional ACSM, Harrisburg, PA, November 2006 
Topic: Vertical Movement of Selected Body Points During Running

PS. If I can do it, so can you! Let me be your guide!


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