New Year, New Rear 2021!

Build strong legs that will carry you wherever you want (or need) to go!
We don't know what life's going to throw at us this year, but we can build a strong rear to carry us through anything!
(Oh yeah, and it's completely free!)

"I want my legs to be strong enough to hike up mountains!" - Abby

No matter why you WANT  strong legs, let's be honest, we all NEED them to live our daily lives. Join our FREE Trainer In Your Back Pocket New Year, New Rear Challenge! 

  • Can you complete 4 lower body workouts to kick off the new year?
  • Get 1 lower body workout emailed to you each week.

  • Minimal equipment (dumbbells only!)

  • Do them at home!

  • Follow along with the workout video!
  • Get your first workout immediately once you tell me what email address to start sending them to! 

"My quads are becoming more defined. That’s very cool at age 63. "

Sara M.

"The New Year New Rear Challenge brought to light specific weaknesses and improved strength needed in those areas!"

Judy S.
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