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It's time to feel good in your skin.

Are you ready to design a stronger, healthier you? In the Trainer In Your Back Pocket® program (TBP), each month, we focus on three areas of our health: our fitness, our food, and our mindset's focus. I like to say "we must eat well, move well, and think well, in order to BE well!" - Coach Abby


Move Well: Fitness

Fitness is a huge component of the TBP membership.  Each month, you will receive a complete workout plan that includes upper body, lower body, total body, core, cardio, and high intensity interval training workouts.  No gym? No problem! There is always an at home version of each workout plan!

Eat Well: Food

Food is another tool we can use to help us feel good in our skin.  In fact, it's has the biggest impact on how we FEEL.  Monthly nutrition practices and challenges help us take control of our eating. We learn tools for success and behavior change, how to eat "clean," and feel confident in the kitchen. 

Think Well: Focus

Focus!  Our Monthly Wellness Tasks help us to keep our minds right. If you ever feel uninspired, depressed, or frustrated with a lack of results, it's time to get your mind right! Our monthly wellness practices help us find the focus to perform at our best. 

The 4th F: Friendship!

On top of Fitness, Food, and Focus, TBPers are not just online workout partners, we are FRIENDS. We are supportive of each other. We connect virtually and in person. As soon as you join the tribe, you will be surrounded by new friends all over the globe. 

What is the Trainer In Your Back Pocket® (TBP)?

Trainer In Your Back Pocket® an online group training program that makes exercise accessible to even the busiest mom, boss, or neighbor on the block.  We also have tons of information about how you can support yourself with clean foods and other wellness practices to get your mind on board, too. Supporting YOU is the reason Trainer in Trainer In Your Back Pocket® was created. When you join the TBP community, you’ll never be alone.  We look out for each other, and help each other when we stumble and fall… and trust me, we all stumble and fall, myself included.  Are you ready to Be Well through eating well, moving well, and thinking well? I know you are. Let the TBP and our community be your guide.


Why do you need a Trainer In Your Back Pocket?

“I’ve heard eating better might help me feel less tired and moody, but I NEED my comfort foods!”

“I tried going to the gym, but it was too hard and intimidating.”

“I don’t have time to exercise or eat right.”

Are these the kinds of thoughts that get in the way of reigniting your energy and reclaiming your wellness? Can you imagine a new way of thinking about fitness and your overall health? What if you had someone (or a community of “someones”) cheering you on as you learned to integrate exercise, clean eating, and other healthy habits like meditation into your life? Feeling less than 100% isn’t normal, and Trainer In Your Back Pocket® is here to help!

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Membership is all inclusive! When you become a member you also get access to our On Demand Library, 5 Weeks to 5k running clinic, and ALL bonus programs!

6 Month Membership

What is included in the all-access TBP Membership?

  • Workout Plans (new upper body, lower body, core, cardio, HIIT, and total body workouts are continually added) that you can do at home!
  • Monthly coaching calls with Abby.
  • Private TBP Facebook Group Access.
  • Nutrition Lessons & Workshops
  • Wellness Practices
  • Workout Video Archive & On Demand Library access with over 300 workout videos to choose from in a convenient digital portal!
  • Travel-Fit-Kit with over 30 Travel Workouts
  • Free Access to 5 Weeks to 5k Virtual Running Clinic & Training Schedules
  • Free Access to 42 Days to Fit & Feeling Good.
  • Free Access to the Digestion Series.
  • Bonus Challenges like:
    • New Year, New Rear
    • Awesome Abs April
    • Amazing Arms August
    • HIIT for the Holidays
  • Quarterly Fitness Assessments
  • Bonus Bodyweight/Travel and Beginner Workout Plans
  • Nutrition Resources & Meal Plans
  • Pregnancy Safe Workout Videos
  • Annual Women's Empowered Escape Adventure Retreats (additional fee)
  • Discounted Personal Training and Group Classes with Abby when available.
  • Instructional Videos
  • Recommended Reads, Podcasts, & Health Resources 
  • And so much more!

Creator of Trainer In Your Back Pocket® and your coach: Abby Malmstrom, M.S.

Learn from exercise physiologist and fitness coach, Abby Malmstrom, M.S.  Abby has been in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years, with a bachelors and masters degree in Exercise Science from the George Washington University.  Abby is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and applied clinical nutritionist.  Abby's research has been in the field of running biomechanics and efficiency, and coaches runners  through her flagship 5 Weeks to 5k running clinic. And most importantly, Abby has gone through the transformation process herself.  She teaches and speaks from experience from her own fitness and health journey.

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6 Month Membership

What members have to say about the Trainer In Your Back Pocket®

Stacia  C. Turlock, CA.
I’ve always worked out in some capacity and being fit was part of my job description in the military.  I did a lot of cardio but didn’t really use any weights or do any HIIT training because I didn’t even know where to begin.  I started using Abby’s Trainer in Your Back Pocket in September of 2014 when I deployed to Afghanistan.  Through this program I was able to have a personal trainer even though I was thousands of miles away.  I exclusively used her workouts with additional cardio and I not only lost 15 pounds but I had become stronger and more toned, and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  What I love about Abby’s program is that it changes every month so you’re constantly confusing your muscles and never getting used to any particular workout.  There are progressions built into the program so that you can challenge yourself each week.  Abby also has videos for all of her exercises so it’s easy to figure out what an exercise is if you’ve never done it before.  Thanks to The Trainer in Your Back pocket I was finally able to put structure into my workout routine instead of making it up as I went along.  I love getting a new workout program each month and I always know that Abby is there for support when I need her. 

Jenia V. Columbus, MS.
I have been a TBP member since 2014.  As a person who has never really exercised, TBP has taught me core fundamentals plus so much more.  I have learned names of exercises, techniques associated with those exercises,and how to perform the exercises effectively and safely without doing any harm to my body.  The exercises have toned and strengthened my body.  I feel strong and strengthened when I participate in different exercise classes and activities now versus before TBP.  I love the monthly workouts-you can just look up and perform that daily workout without having to "plan" anything.  The encouragement via fortune cookie at the end of the workout is awesome also.  TBP also offers what I call "once in a lifetime opportunities".  This year,TBP's Well-Weekend consisted of a trip Yosemite National Park.  This weekend consisted of  the opportunity to meet fellow TBP members,  hike, sightsee and  time to reflect.  It was one of the best trips ever I have ever taken.  I am already excited about the 2016 TBP Well Weekend.
TBP member and loving it!,
Jenia Vest

Erin S. Sacramento, CA
The TBP program is excellent for anyone who likes fitness but needs it on the go and when it can fit into their schedule.  TBP has six new individualized workout monthly that target specific regions of the body, including high intensity and cardio!  The workouts progress every week and change every month.  It truly has something for everybody. Another component that I enjoy are  the weekly workout videos because they are usually short workouts that can accompany a longer workout or if you need to get 10-15 minutes of exercise daily they can work as stand alone workouts.  It is a program that can work for anyone because it doesn't require a lot of equipment as many exercises are body weight/body movement. TBP also has monthly nutrition challenges and extra resources that assist with weight loss. Abby is constantly improving the website to make the workouts more user friendly and motivating. I would recommend this program to friends/family.

Common Q & A's

What if I have an injury or limitation? Abby will work with you to help you modify any exercises, workouts, or plans! Just ask!  

What if I am going on vacation? You have access to your TBP launchpad from anywhere in the world! All you have to do is log in or save your workouts to your device.  Plus, as a TBP member, you get access to the TBP Travel-Fit workout plan, as well as a selection of bodyweight workouts that can be done anywhere!

What if I don't belong to a gym? The TBP program is designed for both gym-goers and home exercisers. There is always an at home option for each TBP workout.  The at home versions require just 3 pieces of equipment: dumbbells, a tubing band, and a stability ball.   Feel free to even do the "at home" version of the workouts at the gym! They are interchangeable.

What if I've never exercised before? As a TBP member, you will have access to the beginner workout plan. That is ideal to begin with, as it focuses on core movements that will help you build a strong foundation. Plus, each month has 4 levels of workouts for beginners to advanced exercisers (or depending on how much time you want to dedicate to exercising).

What if I need more one on one accountability?  Feel free to schedule accountability calls with your coach, Abby whenever you need a swift kick in the pants, or need to develop a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

How does the affiliate program work? Earn money for referring friends into the TBP with you!  Not only will it help your accountability to yourself, but you'll be able to earn money for every referral!  

How can I connect with the TBP tribe on a daily basis? As a TBP member, you have access to our private facebook group where we connect on a daily basis!  This is a safe place to ask questions, learn, and meet other TBPers around the globe.

How often do I complete the assessment? The assessment is scheduled to be completed 4x throughout the year. January 1, April 1, August 1, November 1. (plus the first time you join to get your baseline!)

There are so many aspects to the TBP program. How do I narrow it down?  I advise folks to break it down into the three components each month. #1: The Move Well workout plan. #2: The Eat Well nutrition lesson/challenge. #3: The Think Well wellness practice.  Choose the one that you want to focus on for the month, OR do all 3! If you're still having trouble, you have the option to schedule an accountability  call with Abby to narrow down your focus to what will be most effective for your goals.

How do I select which workouts to do each day? There are several resources inside the TBP that you can use to select which workout to do on each day.  But overall, it's about listening to your body.  For example, if your arms are sore from the previous day's workout, then I would advise giving them a break, and working on core or lower body instead.   Using our private FB group will allow you to ask any question about what workouts to do and when.  


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