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TBP Digestion Series

Knowing how your body takes the food you eat and turns it into the building blocks of your vitality puts you at a major advantage when it comes to feeling vibrant and creating good health. Understanding and making small changes improves the digestive process, leading to lifelong health benefits.

This Digestion Series of educational videos is designed to introduce you to the different components of your digestive system. Each video breaks down a piece of the digestive puzzle, helping you to understand its importance, as well as how to troubleshoot if something doesn't seem like it's working right.  

Here is a quick outline of each lesson you will have access to.

Lesson 1:The Mouth, Chewing, Saliva, and Food Breakdown. Your stomach does not have teeth (shocker!), so it's important that we use the teeth we  do have to help take the stress off the rest of our digestive tract! Even the sight, smell or thought of food increases your digestive enzymes in the saliva!

Lesson 2: Acidity-  pH in the digestive tract.  Did you know that your entire digestive tract from start to finish needs to be on the acidic side in order to digest food properly?  When the acidity is "off" things can quickly go awry and putrefy! 

Lesson 3: The Stomach. Learn about the different cells of the stomach and how they all work in symphony to provide the gastric recipe for digestion. The stomach is our stress response's weak link. It'll get the shaft every single time you are stressed! 

Lesson 4: The Gallbladder.  An organ that we don't need? Or an organ that provides incredible support for our digestion? Whether you have one or not, listen and learn to find out what you need to be doing to support the importance of digesting fats!

Lesson 5: The Small Intestine. "Good fences make good neighbors."  This is where your body absorbs nutrients. When things go awry, even if you eat the healthiest diet, you may be malnourished.

Lesson 6: What is your poop telling you? Should you be pooping several times per day? Is it "ok" to just poop a couple times a week? Learn what good poop should look like and how your poop can signal problems that are occurring higher up along your digestive tract!  

Lesson 7: The Large Intestine.  This is the final stop along your digestive tract. Learn the function of this organ, why the appendix may be more critical than previously known, and how to help your food stay in this organ for the appropriate amount of time for optimal "poop production!"

Bonus Lesson: How water can help or hinder your digestion.  Should you drink water with your meals? Should your water be ice cold or room temperature? Learn a couple super simple habit swaps that can make a big impact on your overall digestive health.

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*Note: This series is not intended to provide medical advice, nor should it prevent you from seeking professional medical advice from your doctor for any conditions you may be experiencing. It is for educational purposes only.