(Formerly known as Well-Weekends!)

Renew, refresh, and revive your life!

2021 Empowered Escape Info Coming Soon!

What Are Empowered Escapes?

Trainer In Your Back Pocket® Well-Weekends are women-only retreats (2-3 nights), allowing you to renew, refresh, and revive.  Well-Weekends include a variety of adventures, activities, rest, and most importantly, a group of inspiring & supportive women.   

Upcoming Empowered Escape

2021 Escape will be announced soon! 

Past Well-Weekends

Beginning in 2010, Abby has held an annual Well-Weekend retreat.  Here are some of the past locations we have enjoyed: Page, Arizona, South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Yosemite National Park, Moab, UT, Napa, CA, Destin, FL, Nevada City, CA, and more!

Our Upcoming 2021 Well-Weekend

Details coming soon!

"I came to the 2018 Well Weekend (Napa Valley) not quite sure what to expect. What I found was a group of welcoming, kind women from all over the country looking to make themselves a priority and to build relationships with each other. The food was great, the location was great and the company was the best part!"

Tami Hackbarth
Napa Valley Well Weekend

"Yosemite was amazing! Breathtaking views as we hiked the beautiful waterfalls, and the evening belly laughs at the pizza party. However, Lake Tahoe has my heart. My souls feels at peace near the water. Its beauty from seeing it from the plane in the sky to viewing on ground though... just wow! My favorite was yoga by the water one morning, the calmness, the sun shining on us, and being in tune with me. Ahhh!! Such great memories!"

Jenia Vest
Yosemite & Lake Tahoe Well-Weekends

"Abby's Well Weekends are a breath of fresh air, much needed "me" time and a wonderful time to connect with new friends. I can't express how much these well weekends feed my mind, body and soul."

Mandy Curry
Lake Tahoe, Destin FL, Moab UT Well-Weekends

"I have been on 6 Well Weekends and they all offered something unique. A Wellness Weekend is a place you can speak and not be judged. Vacations are great, retreating with positive, strong women...life changing!"

Brandy Womble
Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Moab UT, Destin FL, Napa Well Weekends

Slideshow of Past Well-Weekends

Check out some of the great adventures we have had over the years!


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