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Learn HOW to run efficiently, injury free, and oh yeah, ENJOY it too! 

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What is 5 Weeks to 5k?

If you're a beginning runner, or someone who wants to improve technique to get back into the sport, then 5 Weeks to 5k is the running clinic for you!

This program was designed by exercise physiologist, Abby Malmstrom,  to take the beginning runner through a 5-week safe training program, no matter what your age, speed, or fitness level! In each week's clinic, you'll learn the skills, form, and technique to become an efficient, injury free, runner, no matter what your pace. You will learn things such as running posture, lean, how to efficiently run hills, core strengthening exercises, and so much more! Your "homework"  training plan will depend on your individual fitness level and goals, and can range anywhere from building up to a 5k, 10k, or 10 miler and beyond!

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5 Weeks to 5k Course Outline

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn each week of the running clinic.

Week 1 Lessons: Posture & Lean

Week 2 Lessons: Everything Lower Body (Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips)

Week 3 Lessons: Everything Upper Body & Cadence

Week 4 Lessons: HILLS! Steep hills, non-steep hills.

Week 5 Lessons: Running Tips & Tricks 

You'll also get training schedules from a beginner 5k to an advanced marathon, core workouts, stretches, injury prevention tips, and more! 

"It's never too late to challenge yourself, and succeed."

-Jeanne, 55, Sacramento

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See what past 5 Weeks to 5k participants have to say about their experience!

"I got more than I possibly could have expected out of this clinic and it made a huge difference in how relaxed and efficient I am at running!" 
- Susannah D.

"Being able to run again has been such a stress relief technique. It's been wonderful." 
-Mary W.

"It just clicked that running needs to be effortless, and through this clinic, I've learned how to make it effortless." 
- Nisreen C.