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Who is the Trainer In Your Back Pocket?

Abby Malmstrom, M.S., A.C.N., is an exercise physiologist and clinical nutritionist with a zest for empowering women to find the confidence and knowledge to take their health into their own hands.  Learn more about Abby's background, skills, and education here.

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Trainer In Your Back Pocket®
Mission Statement

Trainer In Your Back Pocket® empowers you with the tools and guidance to build a healthy, powerful, confident body through focused fitness, clean nutrition, and an empowered mindset.  Being a Trainer In Your Back Pocket member provides you the luxury of having a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost.  This is your one stop shop for the highest quality, most comprehensive fitness program you can find online.   Workout anytime, anywhere, in the comfort of your own home or gym.  This program takes the guesswork out of your fitness routine.  Trainer In Your Back Pocket® has been providing safe, fun, and efficient workouts and nutrition plans online since 2011.


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