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5 Reasons You Could Be Hungry Shortly After Eating Your Meals

be well eat well Feb 05, 2022

I love when I get questions from TBP members! This question was from one of our TBPers who asked me about some possible reasons for feeling hungry about 30-60 minutes after eating her meals.  Enjoy listening to my response!

Quick recap in video: 

Reasons for still feeling hungry (of course, there could be so many other reasons, but these are some big ones to start thinking about.)

  1. Not eating enough for what your body needs. (ie: did you exercise that day and need more calories? or is your body just in an "underfed" state?
  2. Was enough FIBER and PROTEIN eaten at the meal? 
  3. Are you having a blood sugar response called reactive hypoglycemia, where your blood sugar dips after eating? This can be found out by testing with a glucose meter. 
  4. Are you under stress? Stress can cause the adrenals to work harder, and that can also be a cause of blood sugar dips (when your blood sugar dips, surprisingly your body tells you you're hungry!)
  5. Do you have a food intolerance to something you ate? 

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