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Pregnancy Nutrition: Why Cod Liver Oil & Liver are Important

be well eat well pregnancy Jun 08, 2021

One food that I highly recommend before, during, and after pregnancy is cod liver oil.  Not only is it a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for break development, but it's a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, both essential for pregnancy. 

Two sources I approve: Standard Process Cod Liver Oil and Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin A is critical for optimal genetic expression, bones, skin, eyes, mineral metabolism, hormones, mental stability, lung development, kidney health.  If it's lacking, organs may develop abnormally.  Vitamin A also protects against environmental damages like chemicals, toxins, estrogens, and pesticides.  While humans can convert carotenes from foods like leafy greens and orange veggies into vitamin A, this extra step/process may not be sufficient for the demands of pregnancy. 

The risk of Vitamin A toxicity is minimal as compared to the rewards. Essentially, risk comes in two mannors: 1 too much dietary carotenes, and 2: too much vitamin A without vitamin D.  Vitamin A without vitamin D can lead to a D deficiency. 

Vitamin D is important for pregnancy health, especially before pregnancy, as it helps mom's bones, teeth, organs, and brain prep for pregnancy. 

Because Vitamin A is so helpful to protect against environmental damages and toxins, it's also a great supplement for the male partner to be taking for healthy sperm production BEFORE pregnancy!

The next food that I recommend is Liver!  This nutrient dense food  contains vitamin A, phosphorous, iron, zinc, copper, B2, B6, choline, biotin, folate, vitamin C, K2, and more! These are all essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy! 

Turn that liver into a pate to spread on toast and have it a couple times per week! I find that taking this liverwurst, and blending it with some organic cream cheese makes a delicious spread. Here's the liverwurst that I mention in the video, and here's the liver if you prefer to cook it up and turn it into your own pate. 

Cook your livers in bacon fat to get Vitamin D to balance out the Vitamin A, as mentioned above! Here's one of my favorite liver pate recipes.

Check out the previous Pregnancy Nutrition blog post on the importance  of pasture raised eggs and grassfed butter for a healthy pregnancy!


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