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Try this visualization on your next run or workout.

be well move well Dec 22, 2020

No matter what's going on in life, or how you feel on the inside, there is nothing stopping you from visualizing (or daydreaming). 

This visualization that I want to share with you is one that I practice often when I'm out for a run (but you can do it anytime, or for any type of workout).  

Start by picturing that perfect runner. Picture what they look like. What they are wearing. What they are feeling. What they are thinking. What they are listening to, etc. Go through as many of the details as you can. (Again, I'm using running as the example, but you can picture anything).  

When you're running, and feeling "off," or simply not energized, dragging, or dreading it, I want you to "step inside" that visualization of the perfect runner.  Imagine that that person IS you.  YOU are running as if you are the perfect vision. 

When you do that, take notice of how your posture changes. Does your running go from feeling like a struggle, to a little bit easier? Do you start to smile a little bit more? Are you starting to feel different simply from imagining something different? 

Give it a try! It's kind of a cool process when you actually feel the difference.  


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