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10 Steps to Fixing Your Consistency Problems

Are you finding that you start out strong with a goal, but then fall off the wagon because you're not consistently working toward that goal? Listen in as I share 10 tips to increase and improve your consistency problems in any goal or habit that you want to implement into your routine.

  1. Ask yourself: Do you really want what IT is? (do you want it for you, or is it something that you think someone else wants for you?) If yes? continue on. If no: Pick a new goal, because this one will not work.
  2. Can you picture You 2.0 doing this habit consistently? If yes: keep doing it and picturing the future you doing this habit. If no: Not going to happen, pick a new goal that you can picture the future you doing. (The You 2.0 thought is a great technique I learned from Manifestation Teacher, Tara Brunet.  I am a part of her membership, and am always learning better ways to manifest the things I want into my life via her talks, podcasts, and workshops! Highly recommend!)
  3. What doubts do you have about this new habit you're trying to find consistency with? Are these fears/doubts actually true? Are they stories you're telling yourself? Do you believe the stories? 
  4. Pick ONE new goal/habit at a time. Trying to do too much sets the stage for overwhelm and failure.  In the Trainer In Your Back Pocket Membership, we use the 10 minute rule for making consistent habit changes. Pick one thing and work on it just 10 minutes per day. 
  5. Use the Mel Robbins "5 second rule." Count 5 ,4 ,3, 2,1 and make a move. Waiting longer your brain tells you to stop. This is because you'll never "FEEL" like making the change. But if you can take the action in 5 seconds or less, you'll override the brain! 
  6. Celebrate the small wins. Just like I high five my 3 year old when she does something I want her to do more of, we have to "high five" ourselves. It's mostly a recognition that we did something that got us  closer to our consistency goal!  If we don't recognize it when it happens, we'll probably never recognize all the positive steps we have been taking, and we'll give up thinking we have failed.
  7. Plan for it! Write it down in your planner. Whether you're trying to workout more consistently (write it in your planner), meal prep (write down your menu/grocery list), etc. What gets scheduled gets done.
  8. Don't wait till the end of the day! Studies show that our willpower decreases throughout the day. If you consistently wait till the end of the day to add in the new routine you want, you will most likely self-sabotage yourself because you're tired.
  9. Have an accountability buddy. In the TBP, we call it Accountabilibuddies. Having someone to help you reach your goal, whether a friend, coach, spouse, etc. will help you be more consistent. 2 people working on a goal together is more powerful than 1.
  10. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL: DO YOU VALUE THIS CHANGE YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE?  Ask yourself, do I value this new change? If you do value it as an important part of your future life, you have potential to make it happen! If you don't value it, then it's not going to happen until you do value it. So, take a minute and think about what you truly value.  Is your new habit/goal aligned with your value? 



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