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Kids Nutrition: Congestion, Colds, Infections, and More

be well eat well kids Jul 07, 2020

Got gunk? You know, the sneezy, sniffly, achy funk? As our kids prepare to go back to school this year, let me tell you what I always keep in my “health cabinet” for the inevitable. 

Today, I share a message about FEEDING the immune system.  I share one of my favorite products that I always keep on hand (and take anywhere I travel), called Congaplex.  It's basically food for the immune system in a single supplement, and pairs very nicely with Immuplex for total immune boosting support to help drain the "gunk" out.  

I use Congaplex Chewables for my daughter at first sign of "not feeling well."  I beef up the amount for her if she is sick with a cold, fever, or infection. (and I do the same for myself.) 

Having Vitamins A and C from whole foods like alfalfa, mushrooms, carrots, as well as herbs like echinacea, minerals like calcium lactate, and so much more, this is supplement helps to feed the cells of the body the foods needed to do their job.

Want to try Congaplex for yourself or your kids? Contact me and we can see if it's something that would help you and your family. You can reach me at [email protected].

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