Kids Need Our Help to Stay Healthy

What we feed their small developing bodies matters. Nutrition should always come first when it comes to healthy living.  We want their brain, organs, and immune system to develop optimally.


Here are the 7 tools I keep in my "back pocket" for my child's nutritional health.

Tuna Omega-3 Fish Oil Chewables

Fall and bump your head? This is my go-to for reducing inflammation and supporting brain development in kids.

Calcium Lactate Powder

Fantastic for aiding in the body's natural fever reducing response, immune system support, and even helps with sunburn!

Catalyn Chewables

This multi-vitamin & trace mineral product is great for kids. Swap out synthetic gummies for a real, whole food based multi.


Food sources that support the entire immune system. My go-to at first sign of sickness for kids AND adults. Pairs with Congaplex.

Congaplex Chewables

Great support for colds, flu, congestion and infection. Contributes to a healthy immune response. Pairs great with Immuplex to help the body remove the bugs.

Herbal Throat Spray

Great for temporary relief of sore throat, raspy voices, and coughs. Great to have on hand for first sign of cough, allergies, or sore throat.

USF Ointment

This is a topical ointment for skin conditions. I've used it for diaper rash, sunburn, dermatitis, eczema conditions.

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Want to start building your health cabinet? Get the full kit seen above to always have "in your back pocket."  You can purchase it here, and it includes a free consultation with Abby to ensure everything is right for your family!  (Nutrition will not ship until you have had your consultation with Abby, as per nutrition rules!)

Not sure you need everything in the pack? Just ask Abby to see what would work best for your family! It's as easy as sending an email to her at [email protected].

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Abby Malmstrom, MS, ACN.
Exercise Physiologist & Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Abby, owner of Trainer In Your Back Pocket®, brings you knowledge from over 100 post graduate hours of study, and over a decade of research in functional nutrition. Abby is here to help you create a "health cabinet" that feeds your cells what they need in order to function optimally.