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Nutrition For Kids: Fish Oil

be well eat well kids Jun 09, 2020

Let me start by saying, yes. Yes it's most important for kids (and every human for that matter) to continue eating real, whole foods to get their vitamins and minerals.  However, sometimes we need extra help, and that's where vitamin and mineral supplementation comes into play.  

When I talk about supplementation, I am talking about food. I am talking about getting higher doses of a specific nutrient than you could actually eat. (I mean, who is going to eat a bushel of beets in order to get the healing benefit that their body needs? or who's going to eat enough liver, or other organ meat on a daily basis to get those essential vitamins and minerals?)  

So, in every lesson about supplements, I am actually talking about food.  I do not recommend synthetic vitamins (meaning they are man made).  I only recommend vitamins that are sourced from real, whole, organic foods.  

Today, I share with you about Fish Oil.  Listen in as I talk about why it's essential for kids to be getting in their diet (or in supplementation form).  If I had to pick just one supplement to give my 2 year old, this one would be it.  Why? In this video, I'll talk about: 

  • Inflammation
  • Brain Development
  • Head injuries (what kid doesn't fall and hit their head on occasion?)
  • What fish oil supplementation I use with my 2 year old. 
  • And how she needs more on days she bumps her head.

Listen in to my quick FB Live video, and don't forget to follow along with me on Facebook (@thetrainerinyourbackpocket) for our weekly Tuesday at 2pm PST Chats! 

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