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Let's Talk About Shin Splints!

be well move well Sep 14, 2021

In this highly "interrupted by a 3 year old" video, I am going to share a bunch of tips to think of when it comes to shin splints.  What causes them, and how to reduce them! 

Potential Causes:

  • flat feet
  • worn out shoes
  • running surface (too hard like concrete, or too soft like grass)
  • "too much too soon" overuse. Beginners are more at risk.
  • Not using "floppy ankles" 
  • Pushing off toes and landing on heels
  • Slow stride vs. "quick feet"

Potential Fixes:

  • Take my 5 Weeks to 5k Running Clinic, of course! We go over all of the form and technique of proper foot placement and stride in lessons 1 and 2! (and you can take lesson 1 for free on the website!)
  • Massage the shin AND calf muscles.
  • Ice
  • Rest. You may need to scale back your mileage or running until they go away. You did too much, too soon! Or begin practicing floppy ankles and see if they reduce.

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