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The chicken, the egg, and stress.

be well eat well Dec 08, 2020

What comes first? The chicken? The egg? or stress?

Well, that's not the question I'm answering today, but I do have a fun story to share with you about eggs and how the color of your egg yolks can tell you a little bit about your chickens! 

When I first began getting eggs from "The Egg Lady" who has a farm with pasture raised eggs in Napa, I was hooked. They were bright orange yolks and tasted delicious.  Then, one week, we picked up the eggs and the yolks were yellow.  Hmm... Did the chickens eat something different? Different chicken eggs? What happened? 

So we asked The Egg Lady and here's what she said: When the eggs are more yellow, it means that the chickens (or what they were eating) were stressed.  So, it got me thinking.  When we eat foods that aren't grown via nature, or if we eat in a stressed out state, or if we are chronically stressed, is the same thing happening in our bodies? Are our bodies not able to work as efficiently to produce the...

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Three Lower Body Movements to Counterbalance Running

be well move well Nov 10, 2020

If you're like me, and running is your cardio exercise of choice, you may find that your legs become a little imbalanced. (Running is a very linear-forward/backward movement).  The three exercise movements I am going to show you here help to build strength and balance for lateral movements (side to side movements that don't happen much in running). 

Watch my instruction below, and give the three exercises a try! You can simply do 1 round of each (10 repetitions of each), or you can repeat the circuit of all 3 for as many rounds as you'd like (or for as much time as you'd like!)

Exercise 1: Side Lunge Sit Slides
Exercise 2: Side Lunge to Balance
Exercise 3: Plie Pulse to Squeeze

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Doing this "innocent" thing can be killing your teeth!

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

Sugar isn’t the only culprit of dental problems. I bet you didn’t know about the one I’m going to share with you today! Listen in and learn how one “innocent” thing you may be doing, could be destroying your teeth (and so much more).

We all know that sugar isn't great for our teeth and can potentially cause dental issues down the road.   I'll give you a super brief description of why this happens, but then get into something that we all are probably doing that can be having just as great of an impact.

It's called mouth breathing. If you ever wake up with a dry mouth, you are mouth breathing! Listen in as I share why mouth breathing can really disrupt the biome of your mouth and lead to dental issues!

We dive DEEP into this in next month's TBP membership wellness lesson, but I wanted to share just a little info with you, so that you can begin to become aware if you're mouth vs. nose breathing.  

My takeaway: start nose breathing...

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When Your Destination Seems Out Of Reach.


When your destination seems so out of reach and unattainable, the only way to get there is to "trust the trail" and keep making forward progress, even if it's one slow step at a time.

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Chewing! More uses than simply avoiding choking!

eat well Oct 07, 2020

Are you in a hurry when you eat?

Do you find that you're swallowing your bites in big chunks simply out of habit or hurry?

Did you know that when you do that, you're asking your body to do a lot of things that it simply cannot handle.

Years of doing that?

Well, that leads to other gut issues like gas, bloating, indigestion, bad breath, etc.  Let me uncover why chewing your food is way more important than just "not choking." Watch my video below for all the crazy important things you may not have thought of when it comes to chewing your food!  (Like why not chewing can cause food to ROT in your intestines!)

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Choose to adapt, or find an excuse.

be well think well Sep 29, 2020

One month before COVID (February 2020), back when all seemed "right" in the world, I was at a crossroads in my life journey. We decided to downsize and move into a two bedroom apartment (from a 3 bedroom house with a 3 car garage). I sold my gym, which was my "haven" of escape, even though it was just in the garage. 

Even though our new apartment was small, the complex has a gym, a pool, and even a small playground for our 2 year old to enjoy.  But about 1 week after we moved, it all shut down.  

No gym. No office. No place to work in "peace." No haven to escape to.  

I quickly learned that I either had to adapt, or live in excuses.  And for a while, I did live in the excuses. I lived in victimization. I lived in hatred. I lived in resentment for this new move to a new city.  

But I also have a business that I could not give up on.  I had to get creative with my workout locations now that I had no gym, office, or space of my own to...

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Bicep and Tricep Superset Combos

move well Sep 23, 2020

Check out these two simple supersets to work your biceps and triceps! In the video below, learn what a superset is and why incorporating supersets into your workouts can save you time and help you to be more efficient.


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The Culture of Fear For Moms.

When I had my daughter, 2 years ago. I entered a world that I never could have imagined existed.   You mean, I have to take care of this thing that came out of me and stop taking care of myself?  I know plenty of women feel instant love and instant "motherhood."  Me? Not so much.

The first year was full of fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, and worry.  After a stressful and complicated pregnancy that landed me in the hospital for 3 weeks just to keep the baby inside long enough to grow, I then had about every breastfeeding struggle known to (wo)man. Top that off with a baby that wasn't growing, and a medical system that made me feel like a failure for having a "failure to thrive" baby. 

The doctors told me I was harming my baby by trying to exclusively breastfeed. They told me if I didn't supplement with formula,  my baby would be in danger.  They made me fear that my baby was hungry and that I was the...

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From "Fat Ass" to "Supermom."

Don't let the title of this post deceive you. It's not about calling yourself a fat ass. It's not about labeling yourself as supermom.  It's about the split second it takes to change a thought. It's about the split second it takes to change your life.  

Change doesn't have to take years (though often it's a journey and does). Change doesn't have to be drawn out and dragged on.  You can literally "change" in a split moment decision.  And guess what, we get the opportunity for these split moment decisions THOUSANDS of times per day. That means, you have thousands of chances to change your life ON THE DAILY! 

Now, let me give you a little back story. Growing up, I was never a skinny kid. In fact, quite the opposite. I would run around my hometown block for exercise when it wasn't swim season (I was a swimmer growing up).  I don't know about you, but who wasn't a self-conscious teen, especially an overweight teen?  Every time I ran, I took the...

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Is the grocery store making you sick?

be well eat well Aug 04, 2020

These past couple months, I’ve started feeling sick EVERY time I go to the grocery store! Here’s what I think is happening, and what I am doing about it.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the only place I really go out in the world to (besides my local hiking trail), is the grocery store. But after a couple of weeks/months, I noticed that I would leave the store and immediately feel ill. Sometimes I'd feel ill while in the store. Does this happen to anyone else?

It got me thinking... What is the common denominator? 

It's been over a decade since I really started to notice how sensitive to chemical cleaners I am.  I found that the more I removed them from my life, the more I noticed how they affect my body.  So, when I put 2 and 2 together, I realized that the grocery store really was making me sick. 

With the increase in cleaning chemicals being used in every store these days, I found that simply being in the store was a little overload for my body....

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