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Reward Behaviors, Not Results

think well Jun 11, 2019

Focus on the weight you lift.

Not the weight you lose.


"When I drop 10lbs, I will finally be happy."

"When I get an A on that test, I will treat myself to a pedicure."

"When I get that new job or promotion, I will go shopping for new clothes." 

"When I fit into those jeans, I will go out and celebrate."

Have you ever said any of those sentences (or something similar) to yourself? Today, my goal is to send you a little "mindset shift" to help you understand and realize that it's not about rewarding results. It's about rewarding BEHAVIORS.  

Often in life, we can't control results. In fact, we can only control as far as our fingertips can reach. Anything beyond our physical reach is simply out of our control. All we can do is influence it via our behavior. 

Want to lose 10lbs? How can you reframe that goal to focus on behaviors vs. the result of losing 10lbs?  Start by asking yourself what behaviors someone would need to perform, in order to accomplish...

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Persistence is Key. Third Website's a Charm!

business Jun 03, 2019

When I first launched the Trainer In Your Back Pocket® (TBP) back in 2011, building your own membership website wasn't really a "thing."  In fact, one of the reasons that I created the TBP was because there wasn't anything on the internet, available that offered virtual training programs the way I wanted to offer them to my clients. So, I dreamed it, imagined it, and created it myself.  And along the way, I've learned that persistence is everything. Without it, the TBP would not be here today.

I will never forget the days I spent learning and remembering HTML coding from that one class in college that I slept through.  I literally built the first TBP website with my own HTML coding.  Don't ask me how I did it, but it worked! It wasn't anything fancy. In fact, I think all I knew how to do was bold words, create paragraph breaks, and link a word to another webpage.  It really was the basics.  

Fast forward 8 years, it seems like everyone...

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Do you eat organ meats?

eat well nutrition May 30, 2019

This past month in the Trainer In Your Back Pocket®, we talked all about eating organ meats and the benefits of doing so.  Liver was our starting point, because it's the most common to make a pate out of that actually tastes good!  So, I challenged all TBPers to make a liver recipe during the month.

There are so many benefits to eating organ meats, most of which is that you're getting all of the "good stuff" that is needed to heal your own organs.  So, eating liver is great for your liver. Eating heart is great for your heart. Eating adrenal is great for your...adrenals!  

Now, I am by no means telling you that I cook and eat cow adrenal gland, BUT, watch my video below and learn how I actually get the same nutrition into my body. 

Also, here's another great article to give you some more insight into eating organ meats.  

Here is where I get my organ meat, and all of my grassfed meats and bone broths!*


*Note this is my affiliate...

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